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JAMARAM Cap Boys Freedom of Screech

JAMARAM Cap Boys Freedom of Screech
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SF 045 Turban-Records 2015

How it all happened:

In May 2012, JAMARAM got their first invitation to Harare/Zimbabwe for HIFA (Harare International Festival of the Arts). A festival where artists of all genres from across the globe perform, intermingle and create something new. Bands, choirs, theatre groups, painters, dancers, pantomime … open-air stages, clubs, theatre, the street - everywhere becomes a stage - a whole city is thrown into the creative maelstrom.
In the midst of this colourful hustle and bustle, we came across the ACOUSTIC NIGHT ALLSTARS. The Acoustic Night Allstars are a group of young, high-calibre singers who appear once a month at the Acoustic Night to perform their latest songs to each other and a small audience and so showcase the young generation of musicians in Harare.
We worked together perfectly: within a few hours we had our first joint songs and only two days later we were playing together to a crowd of 4,000 on the main stage at HIFA.
The next year, 2013, we brought the Acoustic Night Allstars over to Germany to join us on a tour of 20 gigs in venues across the country. The joint show was a huge hit, the audiences went wild and our friends Rutendo, Tariro and Prayer saw snow for the first time in their lives … (this is all in our film “JAMARARM & ACOUSTIC NIGHT ALLSTARS on tour”.)
Demands for a recording of our joint numbers grew louder from concert to concert and we too felt a growing urge to get to work in the studio together.
Finally, in the summer of 2014, we got there: With a big joint effort we managed to finance flights to Germany and accommodation for six singers.
So here on this album you have various songs from different songwriters but they’ve been brought to life and recorded by everyone together.
For us JAMARAM musicians it’s been a wonderful experiment and journey into a new musical world.
At the same time, it’s a testimony to friendship across borders and boundaries.

4-pages digipack
20-pages booklet

Recorded by Phil Vetter, Benni Beblo and Lionel Wharton
Mixed by Umberto Echo
Mastered by Dieter Pimiskern
Produced by Jamaram and the Acoustic Night Allstars
Artwork by Nik Thäle / nixdesign
Photos by Anna Pe and Murxen Alberti

release: 13th March 2015 (Soulfire Artists / Groove Attack)

You can prelisten to the album here:

01. Rumurika
02. I'm Ready
03. Why
04. Zoo
05. Free
06. Uripi
07. Garayi
08. Go Away
09. Missing Is You
10. Miles Away
11. Moto Fire
12. Winey Winey
13. Ndikakutarisa
14. Mwanangu Mharadzi
15. Chirimo
16. Chigondora

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday, 27. October 2016.

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